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Drilling Services

DD, MWD, LWD works on Neft Dashlari, Gunashli fields for SOCAR, Hovsani field for AOC, Kalamaddin field for SOC, Balakhany field for BOC, Mishovdagh field for KOC.

Coring services for NOC, KOC, SOC and AOC in Azerbaijan and Norio field in Georgia.

Underreaming services on Hovsani field for AOC and SOC.

Fishing services for Oil Rocks for SOCAR, AOC, SOC and BOC

Drill Bit running services for SOCAR, AOC, KOC, BOC, SOC in Azerbaijan and Norio in Georgia.

Drilling fluid services on Norio field for NOC in Georgia.

Liner hanger and whipstock running services for SOCAR, AOC, SOC, KOC.

Whipstock setting services for side track on Bulla well 125

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