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High-performance borehole solutions
 Integrated borehole enlargement system

Complex Repairing Underreamer Tools

Full-Service Underreaming in the Rig with Engineers 

Rhino Reamer

Hole Opening Size:
4 3/4" - 24"

Block Types:
Predator Cutter, Cement Cleanout, Stabilizer

High-performance borehole solutions
Cutter Blocks

Improved PDC Cutter Blocks

Superior resistance and thermal stability
Increase impact resistance by more than 20%.

Cement Cleanout Blocks

Rhino system complement
Clear cement from casing when drilling out the shoe track.

Stabilizer Blocks

Rhino system stabilizer
Achieve concentric, stable points of contact in the enlarged hole section and increase lateral support.


Torque-reducing ridged diamond element cutter block
Improve rock cutting efficiency through a combination of shearing and crushing actions.


Advanced stabilization conical element cutter block
Improve footage and ROP in high-vibration, high-impact drilling applications.


Hole Opening Size:
7 1/2" - 50"

Block Types:
Mill Tooth, TCI, PDC Cutters

The HOC DTU Underreamer has gone through several changes and modifications to adapt to the ever changing drilling applications and environments.

Features and Benefits:

Long proven history with over 1 million feet underreamed worldwide.
Expansion ratios 70% and larger than the OD of the body.
Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
Cutter arms move upward and out simultaneously in the body.
Fail safe cutter arm retraction.
Reverse actuating mechanism maintains that tool is open while drill string weight prohibits tool closure.
Unrestricted flow through ID.
Roller cone cutters are specifically designed for the  DTU underreamers and are consistent with down hole diameters.
Body machined from heat-treated steel bar, giving it exceptional strength.
Jet nozzles near the cutters allow for cutter washing and cooling.

DTU's Blocks

Hole Opening Size:
4 3/4" - 24"

The HOC Drilling Drag Type Underreamer is designed to have a larger expansion ratio for milder applications that require circulation through the tool.

Features and Benefits:

Designed with the piston and actuator as a single component.
The tool operates with minimal moving parts.
Cutters actuate in a scissor motion.
Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
Reverse jetting actuation assures a full gauge hole and increased cutter cleaning and life.
The DDT is designed to utilize PDC or HOC’s ADD cutters.


Hole Opening Size:
5" - 8 1/2"

The  Drag Type and Drag Type Stabilized Underreamers were designed to enlarge small holes, coil tubing applications, and clean out work.

Features and Benefits:

Cutter blades “scissor” out when the piston is forced down by drilling fluid.
Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
Tools do not have flow to bottom.
Reverse jetted top subs help to disperse flow.
Internal jet in piston help to regulate pressure.
When using either type of DTS (3.50″ or 4.25″) in existing pilot holes, the lower blades (optional) are sized to the pilot hole and upper blades dressed
to desired hole size. The 1.70″ through 3.50″ OD tools have lower blades designed to cut all the way to center, which is useful for clean out applications.
Cutter blades are size specific with options of PDC, crushed carbide or  ADD cutters.


Hole Opening Size:
6" - 17"

The  Boss Reamer was designed to combine the proven working designs of the DTU and a more robust body and internals in order to facilitate underreaming in rotary steerable applications.

Features and Benefits:

Concentric cutting structure assures a full gauge enlarged well bore.
Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
3 arm design with PDC or  ADD cutters. 9 primary gauge cutters and 6 reaming cutters.
Large internal bore for higher flow rates.
May be placed anywhere in the string for rotary steerable applications. Non-moving flow tube for better reliability.
Minimal holes in body to maximize strength.
High temperature seals capable of sustaining up to 500° F.

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